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Dylan Holding A Dogear P90 with Cream cover

Dog Ear P90

$ 109.95

An AWESOME P90. Thats all there really is to say. 8.2K, Alnico 5 magnets individually selected and matched. Pole pieces, base plates and covers made in the USA. Wound RWRP for hum cancelling when bought as a set. Available in Soapbar or Dog ear. Give them a shot. You will not be disappointed. These are 50mm Pole spacing,

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Customer Reviews

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jøe d
Great P90

Used this to replace the stock humbucker in a cheap, used Epi Lea Paul Jr.
it sounds amazing and really transformed a low end guitar into a screaming, punk machine.

Tom Starkey
Excellent Pickup

Put it in Epiphone LP Jr. Previously had the stock and two other replacements installed. The Dylan P90 is the most articulate and clear sounding of the three.

Timothy Potter
Best ever P90 pick ups in the world .

Tell Dylan at Dylan Talks tone what you need and want and he will deliver. Also be sure to check out their website and YouTube channels. Listen to the science behind the clarity.

Pete C
First P90 from Dylan

These pickups are awesome, I have several different guitars with P90’s from different boutique winders including two Gibson’s and these rival even the 1952 ES175 dog eared P90. Can’t go wrong with these!

Dog Ear P90: Archtop project

Ordered so that I could modify my Loar acoustic arch top into a P90 equipped electric. Dylan’s packaging and communication was very professional and the pickup quality is very nice. Materials and finishing have a “genuine” feel and I am glad to support a small business by a good family. Thanks, Dylan.