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Super 8 Humbucker

Super 8 Humbucker

$ 139.95

Not Your Average High Power Humbucker

Many mid-high powered pickups tend to compromise with darkness and can be muddy..... until now.

Take our DAF humbucker and change the magnet to an Alnico 8… clarity is retained but it hits the amp harder and gives you fantastic harmonics  it’s a way to get more, without losing the character and dynamics of a lower output pickup

Vintage Style 2wire Shielded Hookup wire. 


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Customer Reviews

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Shane Walton Pfannmuller
Works great in my Ibanez

I purchased two of these to put in my Ibanez S470L as part of an HSH configuration. The Ibanez has a fairly complex split coil system but no problems hooking it all up. The main appeal of these Super 8s is great of a note articulation you still get even when you got the distortion cranked. Most of my pointy metal guitars have actives, but I prefer these to my EMGs and they are on par with my Duncan Mustaine Live Wires. No regrets with this purchase.

Jared R.
A great match!

I was looking to upgrade my Godin Session HT with Dylan's Super 90 S-Style Sized "P90" pickups. I couldn't decide on which humbucker might be a good match in the configuration so I reached out, and Dylan recommended the Super 8. I couldn't be happier with the result. The product description is bang on and the combination with the Super 90 pickups is balanced and sounds fantastic.

Thanks Dylan!

Higher Output with Great Clarity

I had the pleasure of meeting Dylan during his Ultimate Guitar Build workshop at Texas Toast Guitars. I was telling him about a 2014 HH Squier Strat upgrade I was working on, and he recommended the Super 8s. They are higher output hum buckers with great clarity; i.e., no mud. I highly recommend these.