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P90 Soap Bar

P90 Soap Bar

$ 109.95

An AWESOME P90. Thats all there really is to say. 8.2K, Alnico 5 magnets individually selected and matched. Pole pieces, base plates and covers made in the USA. Wound RWRP for hum cancelling when bought as a set. Available in Soapbar or Dog ear. Give them a shot. You will not be disappointed. These are 50mm Pole spacing,

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Scott Harrington Sr
Great pickups that are an improvement without changing what the P90 is.

For background: I am largely a Les Paul guy and most of them are P90.

After years of paying to have electronic work done I decided it was time to learn to do this myself and this was the project for it and it was a complete rewire from switch to output jack. After a few errors everything is in and good.

I finally got the time to really sit down and play with the new pickups today. Unlike a few others I have tried these are not a "new take" on the P90, they are true to the nice midrange with some growl and snarl when you dig in. Nice sparkly highs as you roll up the tone. Unlike any others I have tried these pickups have a ton of clarity from zero to ten on the tone, you hear every note from every string clearly in chords. Low notes ring clear, with lower tone levels taking some treble out without making them muddy. Very impressed. Well done Dylan.

Jeff Nelson
Great pick-ups

Most of my guitars have Dylan pick-ups to replace the stock ones. They are expressive and articulate. I have found that Dylan makes a great pick-up for every occasion. He openly shares his knowledge and his experience and integrity come through in every pick-up he makes. That's why every guitar I make is Dylan equipped.

Great Pickup P-90

I'll start by saying that I usually leap for Fralin pickups but after really enjoying Dylan's content on Youtube I wanted to give his P-90 a try. I'm glad I did!! I popped it into an LP JR build and started to compare ( all pickup heights were the same)
With my Gibson SG Special (ALNICO V), I have to walk an EQ tightrope between too much treble and overbearing bass freqs. While it sounds great, fantastic, etc... it does take some time to dial in. Conversely, Dylan's P-90 has a lovely tight bass response allowing me to tame the bridge highs without fear of becoming too muted.
I then compared it to an LP DC that I built that has ALNICO IV P-90s. I will say that in a practice/play by yourself, the IV's are easier to get a great tone due to the flat EQ response. That said when I played with a group it was hard to cut through. Possible but I ended up having to re-do some electronics to get there. The Dylan P-90 punches through beautifully!! String-to-string articulation is fantastic and very touch-sensitive. (all that to say in buzz terms "dynamics")'
Long story short, a great and easy upgrade to your rig! I'm for sure glad I own one!!! I know you can say what about the wood quality or paint type etc.... I'll start writing the grant for federal research money and get back to you... in the meantime, you can just go ahead and get a great pickup and find out for yourself!!!

KT 66
P90 Soap Bar Pickup Review

Put them in my Gibson SG to replace some hum canceling P90's. I play through a 1964 Bandmaster and a JTM 45 clone with a bit of reverb. Add a tube screamer for some dirt and they sound great.

Customer service unresponsive

The pickups are nice but the customer service is lacking terribly. I wasn’t going to write a review because of that but I was prompted to by this email survey.
When inquiring about buying the pickups my emails were answered almost immediately no matter the question. Once I bought the pickups and had trouble installing them, I couldn’t get a response to any email for help.
I could not get the pickups to work when installing and I emailed twice for help and received no response at all. Luckily the internet is full of information and helpful people so after four days of searching and troubleshooting I was able to get them working. Sure, the mistake on the wiring was my fault but I know that any other pickup company would have responded with a little help or at least responded.
The pickups sound good, not amazing but they sound better than the stock p90’s.
I had hopes of replacing the pickups in at least one more guitar but I will sadly have to look elsewhere.
I am sure others with more wiring experience will have a better appreciation for the pickups than I did. To be clear, the pickups sound fine, it’s just the customer service I have issues with.

I am sorry you had that experience. I don't actually see an email about this, but I am happy to help. Please let me know what your wiring issues were, because if we need to change something, I would like to know. Thanks so much for your review.