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8- Ball Humbucker

8- Ball Humbucker

$ 139.95

More Power - Less Mud

Many mid-high powered pickups tend to compromise with darkness and can be muddy..... until now.

Welcome to the Dylanpickups 8 Ball

Based on our hot selling Centerpunch humbucker, the 8 ball takes everything up a notch. Without compromising the clarity and punch that Dylanpickups are known for, The 8 Ball hits your amp hard without the mud. Pour some gain on top and listen to the harmonics continue to ring into endless sustain.
Wound to 11.4K and using a ceramic magnet, this pickup is a combination that opens up new possibilities for tone in the mid-high power range. Don't be afraid of it.... unleash it

All of our humbuckers follow the wiring diagram in the pics you see here 

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