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Centerpunch Humbucker

Centerpunch Humbucker

$ 139.95

Coil Split With No Volume Drop! 

This one is very cool. Specially wound for mid range punch, this one will cut through a mix without being harsh. The coils are wound to different specs, but in such a way that they are still dead quiet. The slug side is 5.9k and perfect for coil splitting. At 9.8K total, these pickups are still extremely clear because of their special wind. They take gain very well, but still know how to clean up when they are asked.

All of our humbuckers follow the wiring diagram in the pics you see here 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Awesome pickups!

Bought these for my PRS Mira SE. It took me a while to get them dialed in but once I found their sweet spot I couldn't be happier. Amazingly clean sound compared to the cheap humbuckers I've always been accustomed to. The coil split has some volume drop still but they sound fantastic. No regrets, I'd buy them again in a heartbeat.


Great clarity and definition from these pickups. They DO all that is advertised. Great Product!

Jeremiah Volk
Just as advertised

These pickups are great! They really brighten up my guitar and I have far more control of the tone. I may have wired it slightly poorly as this was only my third time doing this; but I do lose a little volume when I pull the pot, but man do they sound like single coils! That’s really what I wanted to hear.

Richard Clayton
Made to Split

I replaced the only pickup in my guitar. It had a good sounding US made bridge humbucker. However, I wanted to add a coil split switch and decided to try Dylan’s Center Punch as it’s advertised to be made to split.

It’s got a lot of midrange and the single coil sounds good too. Obviously, not as chiming as a true single coil but when needed it does the job well.

Walter Hughes
Not bad but not great

I got these specifically because they were advertised to retain volume when coil-tapped, and because they’re mid-focused to cut through a mix. Honestly I can’t tell much of a difference between these and the stock import pickups. Coil-tap loses just as much volume, and I’m out 300 bucks.