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Flat 6 T-Style

Flat 6 T-Style

$ 99.95

T's  from the 60's have an open airy sound to them. They are known to cut through the mix and be very expressive. These pickups are exactly that. The neck pickup is wound to a higher output than the bridge. 7.4K and 6.8K respectively. This makes for an amazingly balanced tone without have that "cut your head off" high end. These pickups are very lightly wax potted, contributing to their open tone but still suppressing unwanted feedback. They are constructed using classic forbon bobbins and cloth wire. Alnico 5 magnets carefully gaussed and measured by hand.
The flat top magnets make these a more balanced tone especially when used with more modern fret board radii.

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Customer Reviews

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Kurt Mackall
Fits and sounds amazing

I installed these in a 2007 Mex Tele. Stock pickups had the old ceramic magnet at the bottom of each pickup and sounded, blah. I love watching the Dylan Talks Tone YouTube channel - learned a ton from him, and I’ve seen him winding and installing his pickups, so I thought I’d give a set a try.

I’ve been fortunate to have played a few Tele’s from the 1960’s. These pickups give me that same tone. I mostly play the Tele through a Music Man 112-RD, and these pickups sound better (to me) than the stock pickups in my 2022 American Pro II Tele.

Great job Dylan!

Eric Luttinger
Great sounding pickups. \

These pickups sound great with mid-range not normally attained with most telecaster pickups. They really round out the sound. Plus, I am probably the only one in The Finger Lakes Region with custom wound pickups. Thanks Dylan.

Dave Koser

I have been building interest in guitars and tone over the past few years, so I've been watching a lot of Dylan's videos. After picking up a cheap Squier Affinify Telecaster this summer, and being very happy with my $200 purchase, I just couldn't help but wonder what a set of Dylan's pickups might do for it. I easily installed them the night they came, and I was very impressed with just the look and feel of these pickups. It was obvious the quality was a step up right out of the box. This is the first time I ever swapped pickups and when I plugged the guitar back it, I was immediately blown away by the improved tone. The best that I can describe it is that the guitar somehow felt hotter, warmer, and more clear all at the same time. I figured I'd get one or two of those vibes, but not all three. Before this purchase, I was on the fence between trying Fender Tex-Mex and Dylan's. I decided to spend a little more for something unique, and I'm so glad I did.

Dr Dan
Exactly What I Was Looking For

I was a little hesitant buying an item that I have never heard in person. However, the description was exactly what I was looking for - expressive & balanced. I installed the pickup today, and the experience matches the description. The sound is smooth and beautiful. I am definitely recommending the upgrade to anyone with a basic Telecaster.

Jonathan Simmons
Flat 6 T style.

Great pickup. I love the classic Tele sound. Works really well for everything telecaster. I can easily get the Luther Perkins type tone I like. Would definitely use again. Very impressed with the attention to detail in the pickup. Dylan really knows his stuff.