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Flat 6 T-Style

Flat 6 T-Style

$ 99.95

T's  from the 60's have an open airy sound to them. They are known to cut through the mix and be very expressive. These pickups are exactly that. The neck pickup is wound to a higher output than the bridge. 7.4K and 6.8K respectively. This makes for an amazingly balanced tone without have that "cut your head off" high end. These pickups are very lightly wax potted, contributing to their open tone but still suppressing unwanted feedback. They are constructed using classic forbon bobbins and cloth wire. Alnico 5 magnets carefully gaussed and measured by hand.
The flat top magnets make these a more balanced tone especially when used with more modern fret board radii.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jonathan Simmons
Flat 6 T style.

Great pickup. I love the classic Tele sound. Works really well for everything telecaster. I can easily get the Luther Perkins type tone I like. Would definitely use again. Very impressed with the attention to detail in the pickup. Dylan really knows his stuff.

Grant Stewart
I love it.

I bought one for the neck position in my first build. I love it. I won't go into detail or length, but I found it to be exactly as Dylan described it in his video. I am completely happy with it and if I ever build another tele with single coils, these are going in it again. I requested mine to be uncovered, and Dylan accommodated and taped the coil. I love it for cleans; it was just what I was looking for.

Rusty Shackleford

I put these in my partscaster tele. They sound amazing and do the 4 way switch series wiring thing super well. This is the best sounding guitar I have for rhythm and the pickups sound better than any other tele I've ever played

Charles Wallace
Great Pickup

The Flat 6 Bridge pickup is the reason I have a Telecaster. Won a pickup from Dylan, had to buy a guitar to put it in and I was impressed. It sounds amazing. The right amount of highs and chime. It has great note definition at all volumes. I liked the pickup so much that I bought another one for a future project. Thanks for introducing me to the Telecaster after 40 years of plating a Strat.

Jose Bahena
Versatility and Note Definition

Bought the set back in April and installed them in my Squier Custom Tele, absolutely night and day. So much better than the stock pickups and worth every penny. Has that classic Tele sound and when I hit it hard it's punk af (can I say af here? LOL). Highly recommend these to anyone looking to upgrade or to anyone who wants versatility and note definition out of their tele. Clean or dirty you'll hear every note you play. Give these a shot, you won't regret it.