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S- Style Classic 5 Pickups

S- Style Classic 5 Pickups

$ 99.95

Our S-Style pickups are sold individually or in sets of 3 with the middle pickup wound RWRP for Hum cancelling in the notch positions.
We have two Models available here and Custom winds available on request.

Our Classic 5 and Hot Classic 5 sets use Alnico 5 Magnets

Classic 5
Neck 5.9, Middle 6.1, Neck 6.8.

Hot Classic 3 and Hot Classic 5
Neck 6.2 Middle 6.8, Neck 7.2

All of our S-Style pickups use cloth pushback wire and Grey bottom style flatwork.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Van Shank
Classic Strat tones!

Looking for that classic Strat sound? No need to look any further! Dylan wound me a RWRP set all mounted and wired on a red tort pickguard. Yes. Dylan doesn't just take pickups from a parts bin. He'll custom wind and match a set of pickups just for you. You want clarity? This pickup has it in spades! String definition? Yessir!

Rusty Shackleford
Beautiful Pickups

I have these in the neck and middle position of my American Deluxe Stratocaster, they sound amazing. I got them to emulate a PRS Fiore. I don't know how exactly they match up as I've never played a Fiore, but they sound so close to my Silver Sky. The only difference is that they are actually clearer sounding, especially in the middle position. They are superb