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Xvive Guitar Wireless Review - Simple Wireless on a Budget

Product Review

For many years a really good wireless system for your guitar was quite expensive. Systems Like the Shure PGX are a bit of a financial commitment. For those of us working in the trenches every weekend, a cheaper alternative was needed. 

The XVvive - An Affordable Wireless

The Xvive U2 Wireless  changes the whole approach to a wireless system. There is no belt packs or adapters. It is just a small fob that plugs directly in the guitar on the transmitter side, and an identical receiver fob that plugs in to the amp. At right around $150.00 USD, it is extremely economical. (continued below)

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Flexibility In a Small Package

One of the things I really like about this system is the flexibility. There are other systems close to this price point that aren't quite as flexible. The Line 6 Relay G10 for example has a Charging base that makes it more difficult to integrate in to a pedal board. The XVive U2 simply plugs into the output of any device in your signal chain. This means that you could be wireless in the following examples

  • From guitar to amp
  • From guitar to pedalboard
  • From pedalboard to amp

Some people may look down on the Xvive because of it's pricepoint and lack of brand recognition. The thing is, This is a great "first wireless" it performs well, gives clear signal, and has 5 hours of play time. It's really a great value. Give it a shot!

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