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Dylan Reviews The New Keeley Compressor Plus

Pedals Product Review

It is well known that Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics is a wizard when it comes to the compressor. His two knob and four knob compressors have become the "go to" compressor for beginning and professional guitarists.  How could it even be possible to make improvements to such iconic pieces of gear? We show you three new features that we think make this compressor "The Next Big Thing"

The Blend Knob

Adding a blend knob to a compressor has been a trend over the last couple years. Usually this is used to blend dry signal from the amp and compressed signal from the pedal. This one starts at a 50/50 mix of amp and compressor signal. This allows for a lot of flexibility. It allows you to sort-of choose between squishy compression and sustain. 

The Humbucker/Single Coil Switch

This is my favorite part of the new Compressor Plus. Humbucker pickups usually create more signal than single coils. The problem is, this keeps the compressor in compression a lot longer. It can lead to mushy tone especially when a lot of notes are played together. The switch shortens the release time to allow the humbucker to do it's own thing. You will hear in the video how much clarity and note definition this gives you. A truly novel feature. This switch alone makes this pedal worth it. 

Tone Control

You may wonder why I make a big deal about a tone control. This is not just ANY tone control. It does not work the same as the tone control on your guitar. 

When you compress signal, you tend to lose highs. It can get flat and sterile sounding. This tone control lets you get those highs back. It allows you to have excellent clarity. 


What We think

Keeley didn't NEED to redesign the compressor, but we are so glad he did. Let me put it this way. I never liked compression because I always felt I was losing clarity and definition. Now I can have compression AND all of that too. This is your "have your cake and eat it too" compressor. He hit the mark in every way. This is one of the few pedals that is so flexible that almost everyone could find a use for it. In my case, I now have a compressor on my board for the first time ever. Find out More at

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  • James C Wells on

    I’ve been a 4 knob compressor fan for quite some time, and would be reticent to remove it from my board, but with this new unit I’d be happy to have two compressors on my rig !

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