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The Guitar Players Checklist - The Cable Wrangler Review

Create a Gig Checklist - The Cable Wrangler Review

I know it has happened to you. Whether it is your first open mic or your 100th gig, you have forgotten something. There is always so much to think about. Picks, cables, power strips, and a ton of other things you can forget. Let's make a list and I am going to show you a tool that has made my life MUCH easier. 

What To Bring To A Gig - Pregame

The key to looking professional and not being "that guy" that forgot something and held the whole band up is preparation. The day before your gig, assemble your whole rig as you would play it. Do this in a large space where you can clearly see everything. Follow your power and signal chain from one end to the other. 

  • Extension Cord/Power Strip
  • Power cable
  • Amp Head
  • Speaker Cable
  • Speaker Cabinet
  • Cable to Pedalboard
  • Power from Pedalboard
  • Pedalboard
  • Spare Patch Cables
  • Instrument Cable
  • Guitar
  • Guitar Stand
  • Tuner
  • Picks
  • Tools 
  • Strings
  • Strap

There can be MORE stuff depending on the type of rig you play. Be very methodical and pack it all up as you work from one end to the other.

The Cable Wrangler 

One thing you will realize as you prepare for your gig, is how many cables you use. Cables are the toughest thing to manage. It seems no matter what you do, they become a tangled mess. The Cable Wrangler Is the solution. I have to admit, the first time I saw the Cable Wrangler come across my feed, I thought it was a gimmick. I quickly realized it is not. Cable management is a big part of every musician's life. Look at the above checklist. You could have as many as 10 cables with you and this is a relatively simple setup. The Cable Wrangler neatly keeps track of 12 cables. The molded plastic frame is incredibly strong. I was surprised by how much weight this thing could take.

The Bungee balls are available in a longer length for longer cables. This thing is genius. At first, I thought it was too big and I would never use 12 slots for cables. I quickly realized once I added a spare and an extension cord for bigger stages that I was using the Cable Wrangler near its 12 cable limit. Now I want to get another one for the studio at home to manage mic cables and another one for the shop for extension cords and utility lights. It is strong enough to hang my small shop tools like my drill, Dremel, router, etc. 

The Cable Wrangler For Your Gig

The bottom line is, neatness not only appears more professional, but it also helps you to be more prepared. As you work your way through the checklist above, attach each cable to the Cable Wrangler and pull down until you hear it click into place. Throw it in the trunk of your car without the worry of tangling cables. Once you arrive at the gig, your cables will be in the order of your setup. Take them off the Wrangler and wrap the bungee balls around the handle. This will simplify your evening and make your change over less stressful. I am telling you, this thing is worth it.

No matter the size of your rig, preparation is key. Not only does it mean that you will forget less stuff (nobody is perfect, we all do it from time to time) you also will appear more professional to your band mates, the audience, and the venue owner who is deciding if you get your next gig or not. It is worth the time.  


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