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Dylan UltraCables

Dylan UltraCables

$ 44.95

A good quality guitar cable is an important part of your signal chain.

A poor quality cable can rob noticeable amounts of high end from your guitar tone and allow additional noise

Dylan Ultra Cables Features

  • 21pF per foot ultra low capacitance cable
  • Ultra flexible and durable jacket
  • Amphenol or Neutrik Connectors
  • Silent Connector available

We now now offer a few different options with much more flexibility to make the cable exactly as you need it

Featuring about half the capacitance of the average and even some of the leading boutique cables, Dylan Ultra cables are guaranteed to retain the clarity and definition of your intended guitar signal without being noisy and retaining flexibility.

 Try these cables and you will not be disappointed. 

Custom lengths available

Custom pedal board lengths constructed with pancake ends also available.

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