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Dylan Holding a Black Soap Bar P90

P90 Soap Bar

$ 109.95

An AWESOME P90. Thats all there really is to say. 8.2K, Alnico 5 magnets individually selected and matched. Pole pieces, base plates and covers made in the USA. Wound RWRP for hum cancelling when bought as a set. Available in Soapbar or Dog ear. Give them a shot. You will not be disappointed. These are 50mm Pole spacing,

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Customer Reviews

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David Blackburn
Great P90s!

Excellent P 90 pickups! The neck pup has excellent articulation and string separation - there is no wooliness present. The bridge has plenty of grunt, growl, and snap. It has never a hint of brittle treble. Both pickups have plenty of strength and just superior tones. Highly recommended!!!!


These things sound absolutely awesome. Everything a P90 should be.

Carlos Cruz
Awakening 🎸

My SG had mini-humbukers and I felt it needed more bite. These P-90 woke the heck out of it. I’m very happy with these pickups. Thanks Dylan for an amazing product 🎸
and quick shipping.

Chris Weese

Love these p-90s!

Scott Harrington Sr
Great pickups that are an improvement without changing what the P90 is.

For background: I am largely a Les Paul guy and most of them are P90.

After years of paying to have electronic work done I decided it was time to learn to do this myself and this was the project for it and it was a complete rewire from switch to output jack. After a few errors everything is in and good.

I finally got the time to really sit down and play with the new pickups today. Unlike a few others I have tried these are not a "new take" on the P90, they are true to the nice midrange with some growl and snarl when you dig in. Nice sparkly highs as you roll up the tone. Unlike any others I have tried these pickups have a ton of clarity from zero to ten on the tone, you hear every note from every string clearly in chords. Low notes ring clear, with lower tone levels taking some treble out without making them muddy. Very impressed. Well done Dylan.