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Fully assembled loaded Strat pick guard with an SSH combo

Loaded S style Pick Guard

$ 349.00

This is a drop in package for your Strat Style Guitar. A 11 hole pick guard (8 hole is available on request) just add a note on the order. in a wide choice of colors loaded with the following

  • Centerpunch, Super 8, Thruxton EightBall, or DAF Humbuckers
  • P90
  • Flat 6 tele Pickups
  • Dylan Pickups Classic 5, Hot 5, Or Bonneville pickups
  • Bourns 250k or 500kPots
  • Sprague Orange Drop or Oil Filled cap
  • Oak 5 way Switch for 3 pickup guitars and 3 way for 2 pickup guitars 
  • Switchcraft Jack
  • Pick Guard in your choice of colors

All of this is customizable. If you don't see an option that you are looking for, let us know. Each one is built to order, making this the ultimate in Electronics packages for your S-style

We also have a ton of custom colors available as well as other pickup and switching options. Just shoot us a message and we can make your idea come to life. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Scott Harrington Sr
Loaded pickguard with 2 Super 8's and some wild wiring

Right off: great pickups, great wiring etc. No complaints about the product or service, the process on my end was a comedy of errors. I had some unique wiring requests on this, so the process took a while. Leave it to me to get a guitar direct from the manufacturer with "other than standard" pickup spacing on the pickguard. I'm sure most can relate with finally getting something you have been waiting for and then not being able to complete the job until you get a different part (like every job around the house requires 4 trips to Lowes or Home Depot).

When I finally got the pickguard that fit, it was an easy swap of the electronics and a couple of solder joints. Completely blown away at the difference between the Super 8's and the Fender Shawbuckers that were in the guitar (which was a special order direct from the Fender Mod Shop). The common theme with all of the Dylan pickups I have ordered is clarity, every note comes through and nothing is muddy. Very happy with these and the others I have purchased.

Ronnie McCoy
Loaded pick guard

Totally blown away,these sound better than the pickups in my fender custom shop strat,many thanks,keep doing what you're doing!

Rusty Shackleford
Just do it!

I have bought 2 loaded pickguards from Dylan so far. His solder work is impeccable as well as organization of wires and such. Dylan is very accommodating with requests and helpful when you don't know what you want

Ed DePreist
Special order

I ordered one of these for my MIM Strat. The hot 5s in the neck and middle with his S90 in the bridge. Easy installation. I left a friend play it the other day. He has a Fender AmPro and he was blown away. I told him he would be.

My first upgrade ever

After watching the a video explaining pots, I found DTT and this was my first order and upgrade. I ordered this loaded pickguard with a DAF and two hot Strat pickups to replace the blah sounding noiseless pickups in my Fender Ultra Stratocaster. The packaging was done so well and eco friendly. The handmade care and quality was custom shop level. I was so impressed with the sound- the dull was gone, the midrange was stellar. I love the clarity that defines the DTT tone. Highly recommended.