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Richlite Fretboard FAQ

Richlite is a material made from a paper composite that makes a fantastic fingerboard material on stringed instruments as a sustainable replacement for Ebony.




Comes in Black Diamond (Ebony Replacement) or Chocolate Glacier (Dark Brown)


  • Acoustically superior and consistent density
  • No Shrinking fretboard
  • No sharp frets
  • Moisture acclimated and inherently stable
  • Durable while maintaining an ebony look and feel
  • Hand made in the U.S.A. and FSC® Certified
  • Impact resistance and span superior to wood products
  • Machines with standard tooling
  • Guitar Blank is 2.75" wide by 20" long 5/16" thick
  • Bass Blank is 4" wide by 30" long 5/16" thick

This is a fingerboard blank only, neck not included.

Here is a Video about common Questions