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Why Exists

Dear Everyone

I have been giving a lot of thought to why I do what I do here at What sets me apart from all the other people that do what I do. I have narrowed it down to a couple of things.


I want to inspire people to create and share

Art is an expression, not a competition. there is no right or wrong. When someone creates something, it is their attempt to convert a feeling, thought or an expression, into something that another person can appreciate with their physical senses. It does not matter if the person hearing it likes it or identifies with it. It is the expression of the creator of that art and I appreciate that, whether I like it or not.


Everyone at some point tries to express themselves in some way. The problem is, the culture of today is so critical of other peoples expressions. There are many songs that never get written, movies that don’t get made, paintings that don’t get painted because someone had a feeling to express, but they were afraid that their peers would criticize their creations, and by extension, their feelings, thoughts, and perspectives on the world around them.


I am only one person, but I am doing my best to present a better way.  Inspiring people to be creative despite what other people say is a tough road. I constantly am told I am wrong, that it will never work. “Welcome to the internet” they say. Well guess what, The internet is people speaking to each other. If you speak poorly of someone, that’s not the internet. That is you being a jerk. Just don’t do it. Find a reason and a way to understand the goal of someone else’s creativity. You don’t have to like it. Instead of saying “it sucks,” get to know the person. Ask them what lead them down this creative path. Learn a new perspective. Make a new friend.


My Real Job

I am on social media all time working to reach the goal above and spread the love. I still have to make a living so I make amazing guitar pickups, cables and guitars. Why am I different? Focus….

It is not about the gear itself. We make guitar stuff that inspires you to play. It really is that simple. When you play our stuff, you just want to keep playing, keep writing, keep creating. Our pickups are versatile. People ask me all the time. “what do they sound like?” They sound like YOU. They help you find a sound and sound like YOU. Our guitars take the important  parts of a guitar and do them well. We don’t focus on anything that does not inspire creativity. There are plenty of builders that focus on making a guitar like a piece of furniture, or on “vintage correctness”. Our guitars make you forget about any one thing and just play.


Thanks to everyone that supports my crazy mission. I love what I do.


Dylan McKerchie

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