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Tuning down... What to do....

Guitar Setup heavy metal

Guitar Setup... There are no rules.

Over the last week, we discussed the various aspects of guitar setup Truss Rod Adjustment String Height Nuts Intonation Many of the specs mentioned in these articles and videos are middle of the road spec for using average weight strings, and playing in a normal tuning. IMG_0567There are a large number of players that don't use these strings and tunings, Tuning down a whole step, using much heavier strings, and playing with higher action is very common. When people start using these alternate setups, the "textbook" specs go out the window.

The Principles Stay The Same

The setup and adjustment principles still stay the same. Lower tunings lower string tension, Heavier strings raise it back up. It is all a balance. Depending on the stability of the instrument and the strings and tunings used, one spec may not work for every guitar. [caption id="attachment_134" align="alignright" width="225"]Tusq is slick and works great with a trem Tusq is slick and works great with a trem[/caption] The best thing to do when trying other string weights and tunings is..... just try it. Remember the principles behind the truss rod adjustment, friction points at the nut and bridge, String height, and intonation. Many times a half step down doesn't need a lot of adjustment, but much more than that and you may have to check everything. Just remember that there is a reason for the order of adjustment. Don't be afraid to try it.

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