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The Super Squier Strat

The Super Squier Strat

This has been a really fun build. For those of you just joining us, we have taken a $200.00 Squier Strat and built it into a guitar that anyone could be proud of. 


Why Mod a $200.00 Squier

There are a couple of reasons why we feel it is important to spend some time looking at mods for less expensive guitars. The first reason is, most of us play less expensive guitars. Some people "peghead surf" and overlook less expensive guitars and write them off as useless, but we think that with a few mods, these can be great guitars that anyone would be able to play.

For beginning players, I think it is really important to build a connection with whatever instrument you play. This is possible with your "first guitar" even if it is an inexpensive one. Doing some smart modifications will make the guitar reliable and the work will personalize the instrument and make it YOURS. Let's make some mods to this Squier Strat and look at the results. Then we can answer the question.... Is it worth it? 

Mod What is Important to YOU

You could go crazy modding a guitar, but let's focus on what matters - Playing feel and sound. A good setup is a great start and is key to the guitar playing well no matter what else you decide to do. Once that is done, let's move on to some fun stuff. On this build, we used the loaded pickguard. This is one stop solution for pickups and pots and wiring. Some of these Squier Fenders need a little Dremel work depending on the body. These pickups and pots are a huge upgrade. They are the same Bourns Pots and hand-wound pickups that we put in our custom guitars. The next thing we tackled on this guitar was the cheap tuning keys that are not very reliable. There are a few ways to do this, but we chose Kluson Tuners. They took some modifying, but it was worth it. 

Is It Worth It?

This question really depends on what your goals with the instrument are. If you want to recoup your money when you sell the guitar, then maybe not. If you keep all the original parts, you can move these custom parts to your next guitar… then yes.

If you want to keep this guitar, your FIRST guitar, the first guitar you worked on and upgraded yourself… then yes. We always encourage learning to do this work and building that connection with your instrument. I think it will improve your playing and creativity. Ultimately, it is up to you. Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Was it worth it?  


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  • Rob Drummond on

    One very good reason to mod a Squier is they actually very good giutars. I’ve had a Japanese Squier built at the Fender factory Fujighen since new and Ii still love it today. I’ve only recently fitted apparently ‘hot texas’ pickups bought from ebay and locking tuners. The electrics are pretty shot,I a guitar repair attempt to sort years ago and now only just seen what a dog’s dinner he made of it.
    I’ve ordered all the parts inc pots, switch, caps, wire and scratchplate aswell as copper tape and plan to redo the entire guitar.

    You definitely get what you pay for, cheap ebay really just means cheap pickups. Was checking out you single coils/p90s so don’t be surprised if you get an order this weekend when I get paid.


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