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New Metal Guitars From DylanPickups and Nikita

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High Output Humbuckers.... Metal Inspired Guitars

Over the last few months has been working with a few different custom guitar builders around the United States on some High output humbuckers of different types. The goal has been to get a great high gain tone from a passive pickup. We really wanted a pickup that could shred like an active, but have a larger dynamic range. The 8 Ball Humbucker, and the Switchblade were born. This development got me thinking.... Lets design a new metal guitar line around these pickups. I called James at Nikita Guitars and things started falling together  

The Elements of Metal

Since the three new metal guitar models that came from this idea are geared towards hard rock and metal and the various genres that shoot from them, we thought it would make sense to name the series, "The Element Series." There will be three body styles. Each being named for a metal in the periodic table. Here is a sneak peak.  IMG_0219 The first shape will be an evolution of the Nikita Classic shape you see here. Over the next few weeks, you will see this morph into a hard edged, very modern, fast, fire breathing axe. V element What would a metal inspired series of guitars be without a V? Just wait til you see what we have in store for a new take on this classic shape. IMG_0120 This is my personal favorite. The Nikita Guitars variation on a well known Heavy metal inspired model.

Tell us what YOU want!!!

All of these new metal guitars will be available in a hard tail and in Locking tremolo models. Just wait and see what we have spec'd for all three models. The Switching, neck profiles, fret board radius, and Fret sizes, as well as many other specifications are still up for discussion.... Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else! and tell us what you want to see in this line of guitars. Comment here, Comment on the post on Facebook, or send us a message. We want to hear from you. After all..... The Nikita/ Dylan Element Series is for YOU.  

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