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Neat King Bee Condensor Mic

Neat King Bee Condensor Mic

$ 80.00

This is a fantastic mic built by the same guy that started Blue. They sound fantastic. We used one of them in the DTT studio for a few months. 

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The King Bee from Neat Microphones is a great solution for those recording applications that call for low noise and high sensitivity from a cardioid condenser mic. With Class A circuitry, the King Bee refrains from adding noise to your tracks. For the versatility you need, this large-diaphragm microphone has been designed to give you absolute transparency. What you hear from the source is what the King Bee captures, making it ideal for everything from vocals and drums to more complex instruments such as woodwinds and strings. Accompanied by a complement of essential recording accessories, the King Bee from Neat Microphones is sure to be your new go-to large-diaphragm condenser mic.

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