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Dylan Guitars


Dylan Guitars give you something very specific no matter the style you choose.....

A high quality custom instrument made to your spec that gives you the feeling of a well preserved vintage instrument that feels comfortable in your hands. Our "Vintage Preserved" finishes give you the feeling of a Vintage instrument that has not been played in a very long time

The necks and frets are finished in such a way to make you immediately comfortable.



The hardware is picked for each model to take you back to the feeling of the early years of electric guitars, but have the quality and functionality of today. 

We hand wind each pickup in house at DylanPickups and offer pickup combinations that may not have been available in the past. 

Most models are 1 piece bodies cut to order from a variety of high quality woods chosen by you.

The colors available are almost endless. As you can imagine, Dylan Guitars are built to order and each project is overseen by you. Please give us a call at (906)362-3378 or click HERE to start Exploring Options. Ask about our flexible specifications and Flexible payment options. You can also check out the limited release models available now at a discount HERE